Working to reward holders and strengthen the Tron community.


Working to reward holders and strengthen the Tron community.

Consistent Trade Desk Rewards

Our services include access to the rewards generated by a trade desk built by the fee included in the purchase of CITYUPTAKE. Cryptocurrency markets are volatile and our CEO is a skilled trader with a proven track record of gains that average 3-5% of the total trade desk per week.

Rewards are not guaranteed, but have proven reliable over the past year.

1:1 Guarantee

Hold your TRX with CITYUPTAKE and make it work for you. Rest easy knowing your TRX is safe and available for exchange while receiving the other benefits of holding CITYUPTAKE.  

There has never been a release of CITYUPTAKE into circulating supply without TRX backing it.

Incorporation in a Crypto Friendly State

Incorporated in South Dakota, CITYUPTAKE is in a position to innovate and offer valuable services for our clients.  More info on this will be forthcoming. Transparency and compliance with the established regulatory structure are two features our clients enjoy in the often shadowy world of crypto-currency.


Holding CITYUPTAKE provides a stable reward during good times and bad. We should be part of every diversified wallet of Tron assets. See our Analytics page for more info on past rewards.


Strong Community

We support strong projects in the tron network through our SR portfolio as well as open discussion in our telegram community. We have strategic partnerships with FIO and Community Node and are members of the Crypto Alliance, a multichain group of projects that work together to share the benefits of blockchain technology.

Continuous Innovation

We strive to provide a superior client service building the apps and tools to make monitoring your token benefits easy. Our Lounge Dashboard provides you unrivaled access to your data to monitor your rewards. Our auto-buy feature makes it easy to compound your gains over time with ease.

Dashboard Display

Monitor your rewards and client-options with our Member's Lounge Dashboard. See you rewards by month in TRX or USDT and download reports you need.

Dilution Mitigation

Rewards from voting alone often decline as the block rewards are shared among an increasing number of voters. Our fee for the trade desk ensures that the majority of week-to-week differences in our rewards are from the level of success achieved by the trade desk activities. The chart illustrates how rewards remain consistent for our 100K wallet despite a plunging stake percentage as the size of the circulating supply grew to over 45 million CITYUPTAKE. See the graph linked linked in the title of this box. The blue line shows stable rewards for the 100K wallet while the orange line-the stake percentage-plunges as other wallets are adding to their CITYUPTAKE holdings.

Please review slides for more information about CITYUPTAKE

How It Works
1) Every CITYUPTAKE is backed by one TRX that is frozen and voted for SRs. 2) a fee with purchase of CITYUPTAKE adds TRX to a Trade Desk that is managed by a trading specialist who employs technical analysis to identify trends and capitalize on TRX price fluctuations.
Turn your idle TRX into a residual stream of TRX by owning CITYUPTAKE. CITYUPTAKE owners enjoy the security of a 1:1 guarantee and get to partake in the rewards that come from daily swings in the price of TRX.
Average Rewards Per Week: 1049 TRX
CITYUPTAKE maintains a founders wallet with 100K CITYUPTAKE to track rewards data. Average rewards per week through July 21, 2019 is 1049 TRX. That includes SR and TD rewards.
Limited Dilution
The fee for access model help mitigate dilution from an expanding circulating supply of CITYUPTAKE. The blue line represents the rewards over the first six months while the orange line shows the plunging stake percentage of the founder’s wallet.
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Client Connection
CITYUPTAKE is leading the way in compliance. We require holders to disclose information to meet KYC and AML requirements.

David Hohnholt

My family is paramount to me. Both my wife and I teach for the local school district and enjoy the time it affords for trips with our girls. 

Crypto is a hobby that became a passion once I joined the CityUptake team.  It has been a real pleasure working to establish a company that offers the potential to positively impact any family that holds CITYUPTAKE. The weekly residual from my CityUptake holdings has already begun making a difference for my family.

 In my spare time, I like to explore the Franklin Mountains on the numerous bike trails that are available.  I also serve as Treasurer of two local non-profit organizations

Why the 1:1 and right-to-access business model

The reason for a guaranteed 1:1 exchange and upfront cost is it protects holder TRX from risk of loss. Since the trade desk is owned and operated by CITYUPTAKE, it is not considered holder funds so no holder TRX is at risk. This allows us to not be regulated as an investment company or be considered a security as no holder funds are at risk. The key to the utility token designation is the 1:1 peg and right-to-access model. 

This means CITYUPTAKE can function within the difficult and unclear crypto space.

The moment holder funds are at risk of loss, the entire platform comes under additional regulatory scrutiny. This is also why we have no guarantee of rewards and a pegged price of CITYUPTAKE to TRX where it is not listed on an exchange.

The only significant promise is the exchange of one digital ledger entry for another on a functioning Tron Blockchain. In other words, the 1:1 guaranteed exchange.

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Exchange 1:1

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Please allow up to three days depending on freeze times on SR wallets