What You Should Know About CITYUPTAKE

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We have all heard the phrase if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  Past experiences can make us skeptical to the point where we even ignore the rare opportunities that present themselves.  Opportunities that can leave people years down the road wishing they would have listened, researched and gotten involved with this company or that project.  Oh, how I would have loved to have been a part of Microsoft, Apple, Amazon etc. when they started. 

Many people missed these opportunities and are kicking themselves today.   CITYUPTAKE is one of those projects.  Here is your chance for a life changing opportunity.  It goes without saying that you should DYOR and really look into what this is all about.  Do not dismiss this or listen to anyone else but yourself and your research. 

This piece will not go into details of numbers; you can go to their website–https://cityuptake.com/–for that.  You can read the blogs, and information there.  I just wanted to point out how incredible this is. 

We all know that voting and freezing TRX for an SR will give you rewards.  With CITYUPTAKE you get these safe TRX rewards and a bonus.  The bonus is a trade desk that produces gains from daily transactions.  These gains are split between token holders based on their percentage of holdings. 

Here is what a lot of people do not understand about CITYUPTAKE.  They look at what it costs to get the token and do not look farther down the line.  You have a chance to gain a lucrative life style without touching your base TRX.  Take a trip into the future with me.  Let’s imagine someone holding 100K CITYUPTAKE.   We are now in the future and Tron is trading at $0.50.  If you are a normal TRX holder and wanted to cash out $450 a week to help with bills, you would need to sell 900 TRX. You would sell your TRX, and this, of course, would reduce your frozen voting reward.  This will also reduce your total TRX bag.  This reduction in frozen voting will net you less TRX than last week.  Imagine doing that for four weeks, 3,600 TRX converted to dollars means 3,600 less for voting and gaining rewards.  

Now look at the 100K CITYUPTAKE token holder receiving 980 TRX for the week.  He can sell enough to get the $450 for bills and increase the amount of TRX he holds by 80.  This token holder never decreased their TRX bag supply.  Jump farther into the future and TRX is $1.  The CITYUPTAKE Holder is now close to $1,000 in weekly gain.  What would you do to have $4,000 more per month AND not have to touch your TRX bag?  It is still there 100%.  What if TRX gets to $5 or more.  Think about that! Let’s step back to the present and today’s cost.  I hope you understand the lucrative chance this gives you.  Nothing is a guarantee, but this is one of those gems that costs a small premium today and is worth a life changing story in the future. 

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