Unfreeze Your Rented Bandwith TRX

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Special thanks to CryptoGuyin ZA and Jason Neely for the help getting this done.

I am pretty much a newbie to terminal so i included tips to solve problems I had.  If you have never opened terminal on your mac before, hit command+spacebar and type terminal. 

Before you start...

You must have Java8 JDK installed.  More recent versions may cause errors.

Install Homebrew. It makes it easy to download the packages you may need. Use the tip in the side-bar to download it directly.

Install Java8 with the following commands:

(You may be prompted to enter your computer system password to install)

 brew tap caskroom/versions 
 brew cask install java8

You may need to remove a more recent version of Java if you have 10 or 11 installed.  Use the tip in the side-bar if need be.

Now You Can Begin...

I pulled the commands from these sources.  You can refer to them as well:

1. Tronprotocol / Wallet-Cli

2. Community Node Founder, Jason Neely, Walkthrough

*Note: one user had to use change the IP addresses in the config.config file to make it work. The walkthrough by Jason Neely has the addresses that worked for him.

Step 1: Get the Wallet Package from github

Paste the following command into your terminal:

git clone https://github.com/tronprotocol/wallet-cli.git

Step 2: Build and Run Your Wallet

You will need to change your directory by using the CD command. Enter the following commands:

 cd wallet-cli  
 ./gradlew build   
 ./gradlew run

Step 3: Import and Unfreeze

If everything worked, the program should get to 85%.  That is your signal that the wallet-cli is ready for you to import your wallet.  You can type “help” to see the list of commands.  You will want to use:


You will be prompted to create a password. It will ask you to enter it again.

Then it will ask for your private key.  Paste it in and press enter.

Now your wallet is imported, but you need to login to use it. Enter the following:


Enter the password you just created. You are now ready to unfreeze your TRX, but you will need the address of the wallet you allocated the bandwidth to.  If i had allocated my bandwidth to this address TNNc1HGDUrRkowQxdcUaWyBodZXshuVtBp, I would then enter the following command:

 unfreezebalance TNNc1HGDUrRkowQxdcUaWyBodZXshuVtBp
 Just substitute the proper address into the command above and it should work.
You will be asked to confirm by entering Y for Yes, and be asked to enter your password one last time.
note: if you delegated energy, add a 1 before the address:
 unfreezebalance 1 TNNc1HGDUrRkowQxdcUaWyBodZXshuVtBp
If you used this successfully, swing by our telegram and let us know.  It will be nice to know it is helping out.

Tips to help get started

It is helpful to have Homebrew installed on your mac or linux computer. To install it, open your terminal and paste the following:

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"

To remove a previous version of
Java, First, run the following command in the terminal to determine which version of Java you are running:

 java -version

Then navigate to the directory where you can delete the java version using the following:

cd /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines

now type ls (the list command) to see which versions are there. Then you can paste in the following command:

sudo rm -rf jdk-10.0.1.jdk 

You may need to edit the numbers to match your version.  I had to change mine to 11.0.2.

Editing the Config.config

You may need to edit the IP addresses in the config.config file.  To do that, you will need to cd in to the proper directory: 

cd src/main/resources   

 Once there you can use sudo nano config.config to edit right there in the terminal.

Wallet Tip

Once you import your wallet, you just need to enter ./gradlew run and then login to access your wallet each subsequent time.

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