The Trade Desk Explained

If you have recently discovered CITYUPTAKE, you will see various references to the “Trade Desk”, which may cause some confusion.  It bears explanation because the Trade Desk is the heartbeat of this project, and many people wonder how the estimated weekly rewards are possible. 

First, some background. The founder, Jason Lavender, is an experienced day-trader of 12 years who works full-time swing/day trading equities on the stock markets.  Using those skills, he acts as a personal trader for all CITYUPTAKE  holders who bear virtually no risk of loss since owners are able to withdraw 1:1 at any time.  Gains that are made trading TRX each week are shared among the owners of CITYUPTAKE in proportion to the amount they own. 

At CITYUPTAKE, the Trade Desk refers to a Binance account that grows each day as people purchase our token. As of January 30, 2019, the account has the equivalent of about 3.03 million TRX.  When  they Trade Desk is yielding 3-5%, our holders are receiving a bit more that 1% of their overall holdings in CITYUPTAKE each week.  

Upon inception of the project, the founders of CITYUPTAKE contributed 25,000 TRX for every 100,000 CITYUPTAKE purchased to reward the trust and loyalty required to send a relatively unknown quantity in the cryptospace their TRX.  The founders limited this form of Trade Desk funding to 1 million TRX.  This was phase one of the project where people could purchase each CITYUPTAKE for 1 TRX.

To continue to grow, the Trade Desk needed to be funded organically through new sales of the token.  To that end, the Agent phase was started with all our agents having KYC on file. A price of 1.35 TRX per CITYUPTAKE was established to purchase CITYUPTAKE from an Agent, with agents alone capable of purchasing CITYUPTAKE in a manner that increases the circulating supply. 

When Agents purchase CITYUPTAKE, 1 TRX is frozen and voted, and .25 TRX goes to the Trade Desk. Agents then sell CITYUPTAKE at the prevailing market price. The added cost beyond 1.25 per CITYUPTAKE is for the  support and maintenance of the Agents.  This is wonderful for both new owners and previous owners because it mitigates the dilution problem facing the rewards’ model of Super Representatives.  

As more people vote for an SR, the rewards shared to each voter fall.  I have seen the amount of SEED I receive voting for Sesameseed fall consistently. However, at CITYUPTAKE, while your percentage stake will fall as new purchases are made,  a growing Trade Desk means the absolute number of TRX received each week remains remarkably consistent if the goal of 3-5% gain each week is achieved. 

To learn more, please join us in the Telegram channel where we enjoy discussing the project as well as other developments in the Tron community.  You can also type “/td” to see the accumulated gains at that point in the week. If you want a solid weekly return from TRX price volatility with the safety of a guaranteed 1:1 exchange, head over to our Telegram channel where one of our agents can get you started.

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6 thoughts on “The Trade Desk Explained

  1. I got to be honest, i was there at the start and lost trust because of experiences with scams.
    I think i even told most poeple; ‘that i dont trust this jason dude’. Cause why cant i just submit my trx into the network,
    just like SESAM does, that felt wrong. So i backed out and only recently i returned. Why?
    Cause until now i have to admit he always kept his word… I was in for 150k TRX at the start, but i freaked out and wanted
    them back, i thought i lost my coins, but 1day later there they are. But still i didnt go for it again. Until now, see how profesional
    he actually is, i really thought it was more of a joke, but iam in now for about half a mil coins.
    Iam not a agent nor will i ever be, but if you want to talk about it or just something cleared up. from a really critical person, sure
    ask jason/any agent at cityuptake to get me on Telegram. If u ever talk to J ask him if iam a handfull lol ;).


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David Hohnholt

My family is paramount to me. Both my wife and I teach for the local school district and enjoy the time it affords for trips with our girls. 

Crypto is a hobby that became a passion once I joined the CityUptake team.  It has been a real pleasure working to establish a company that offers the potential to positively impact any family that holds CITYUPTAKE. The weekly residual from my CityUptake holdings has already begun making a difference for my family.

 In my spare time, I like to explore the Franklin Mountains on the numerous bike trails that are available.  I also serve as Treasurer of two local non-profit organizations

Why the 1:1 and right-to-access business model

The reason for a guaranteed 1:1 exchange and upfront cost is it protects holder TRX from risk of loss. Since the trade desk is owned and operated by CITYUPTAKE, it is not considered holder funds so no holder TRX is at risk. This allows us to not be regulated as an investment company or be considered a security as no holder funds are at risk. The key to the utility token designation is the 1:1 peg and right-to-access model. 

This means CITYUPTAKE can function within the difficult and unclear crypto space.

The moment holder funds are at risk of loss, the entire platform comes under additional regulatory scrutiny. This is also why we have no guarantee of rewards and a pegged price of CITYUPTAKE to TRX where it is not listed on an exchange.

The only significant promise is the exchange of one digital ledger entry for another on a functioning Tron Blockchain. In other words, the 1:1 guaranteed exchange.

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