As a sign of our appreciation and support, CITYUPTAKE is proud to announce an airdrop of 1.2 million CommunityNodeToken (TRUC) for each CITYUPTAKE holder!

 CITYUPTAKE is a proud sponsor of Community Node



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CITYUPTAKE is proud to support Jason Neely, founder and CEO of Community Node, in his bid to win your votes as an SR Candidate.  He has been a friend to CITYUPTAKE providing technical support in times of need.  

To show our appreciation, we will airdrop a total of 1.2 million CommunityNodeToken (TRUC) to each holder of CITYUPTAKE in conjunction with our previously announced BTT drop.  In addition, our SR portfolio will allocate a portion of its votes to Community Node.  Please note, the drops will be allocated per verified individual, not every verified wallet.

Community Node has an innovative plan to reward voters through its CommunityNodeToken (TRUC, TOKEN ID: 1000322), which incorporates block rewards into token price support via the token exchange.  This means TRUC will serve as a store of value for the present and future block rewards earned by serving as a Super Representative.  CITYUPTAKE believes this creative approach of votes and token ownership can make TRUC a lucrative token to own and SR to support.



Community Node has made numerous contributions to the Tron Community. Among the most notable reasons to support Community Node as SR include:

 1. Technical Expertise: The Community Node team has the expertise to run a node with no dropped or empty blocks, a problem that plagues other Super Representatives.  Jason Neely has served as IT specialist for 3 of the current Super Representatives ensuring their Witness Node runs properly.  His tutorial, “Witness Node for Newbies” has also helped numerous individuals in establishing their own Witness Nodes.

2. Community Support: Through the Tron Help desk and other forums, Community Node has been a leader in getting information out to the Tronix public at large.  CITYUPTAKE is especially grateful for this support.

3. Future Projects: Community Node has great projects in the pipeline, like trondata.io and a cryptocurrency payment gem for the Solidus e-Commerce platform, plus an extension of Solidus Marketplace that pays referrals and aggregates search results between affiliate stores.

4. Token Value: Your TRUC token will grow in value as block rewards serve the dual purpose of funding SR costs and providing TRUC value.

As always, CITYUPTAKE endeavors to research SR candidates to create potential advantages for our holders.  

To find out more about the Community Node Project, you can visit the following:

Telegram: https://t.me/CommunityNode

White Paper: https://github.com/bondibox/TRUC

CommunityNodeToken (TRUC) Drop Details

  • All verified holders of CITYUPTAKE will receive 1.2 Million TRUC in their primary wallet 
  • 200,000 TRUC will be dropped each month for 6 months
  • Each drop will occur on the 14th day of February through July of 2019 
  • New buyers are eligible if verified prior to subsequent drop


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