1.1 In order to participate the buyer acknowledges that CITYUPTAKE is a vote management service that seeks to maximize Super Representative rewards shared via the Tron Network.

1.2 The buyer understands that CITYUPTAKE is not a security made for investment purposes.

1.3 The buyer understands that CITYUPTAKE can be exchanged at anytime at a ratio of 1 TRX for 1 CITYUPTAKE. Additional TRX paid to own CITYUPTAKE is considered an expense for enrollment in the rewards program.

1.4 CITYUPTAKE is not an investment firm and any rewards shared from the Trade Desk are a perk for customer loyalty.

1.5. CITYUPTAKE will deduct 1% of all shared rewards each week to cover management costs.

1.6. The rewards calculator displayed on https://cityuptake.com is for informational purposes only and is no guarantee of reward for loyalty.

1.7 Trade Desk is owned and operated by CITYUPTAKE.

1.8 CITYUPTAKE reserves right to modify structure at any time – 1:1 Exchange will never be modified.

1.9 CITYUPTAKE may send quarterly reports and other communications via email.

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  1. CITYUPTAKE  holders who obtained Agent status prior to January 1, 2019, shall retain the right to purchase CITYUPTAKE for personal ownership at Agent price if the CITYUPTAKE Social Media Tag is surrendered.
  2. Agents that attain Agent status after Jan.1, 2019 must retain CITYUPTAKE Social Media Tag to purchase CITYUPTAKE at Agent Price.
  3. Agent price of 1.25 TRX per CITYUPTAKE and agreement are subject to change without written notice or consent.
  4. Agents that surrender Social Media Tag may purchase CITYUPTAKE for resale provided commission for that sale is shared among all active agents. The seller will retain their portion and send the remainder to commision wallet. 
  5. Agents that surrender tag will no longer be eligible for commission sharing for sales for which they are not directly involved in.
  6. To be eligible for Agent status, applicants must have a minimum 2% ownership stake after January 1, 2019
  7. Agents that joined the team prior to January 1, 2019, must maintain minimum 100,000 CITYUPTAKE to remain active.  If an agent’s stake falls below 100,000,  an email to jasonlavender@cityuptake.com is required prior to purchase of necessary CITYUPTAKE to return to active status. 
  8. An agent may never sell to non-agent below established price. If an agent desires to reduce holding stake, the agent may may sell at established price, send commission to appropriate wallet, and forego replenishing.
  9. An agent may sell stake with a another agent so long as it is done via private message, and not interfere with agent channel or main CITYUPTAKE channel. If you wish to suggest– in agent channel– the intent to sell stake; a simple request to private message you is adequate.
  10. All agents are independent contractors of CITYUPTAKE, and once acceptance has been completed, please send an image of your government issued ID to jasonlavender@cityuptake.com if you have not done so already. Also you shall be receiving an independent contractor agreement in your email following the agreement of this acceptance for your review and signature.
  11. Ownership of Work Product. The parties hereby acknowledge that the Work Product, and all documentation, information, systems, and other results developed in connection with the all Work Product, will, to the extent permitted by Law, be a “work made for hire” within the definition of Section 101 of the Copyright Act (17 U.S.C. 101) and will remain the exclusive property of CITYUPTAKE.

Agent Tiers

  1. Agent:  Agents have the privilege to acquire CITYUPTAKE at the established agent price, and retain a portion of the fees for sales personally involved in outside the CITYUPTAKE social media platform of choice.
  2. Active Agent: Active agents will share 75% of the fee pool for all CITYUPTAKE that is sold. This privilege is obtained by maintaining (1) a social media tag in the social media platform that CITYUPTAKE has determined for use when communicating with the Tron Community, currently Telegram, (2) at least 0.49% of all messages via channel reporting bot must be achieved for the cycle, (3) a suitable level of social media activity as determined by CITYUPTAKE management, or by having personal sales as an agent contributing at least 10% of total sales for the cycle.
  3. Dev Agent: a dev agent earns the privilege of all previous categories in addition to the additional incentive of sharing the remaining 25% of the fee pool. This agent is specifically part of CITYUPTAKE’s dev group and assumes various responsibilities beyond monitoring the channel and sales.
  4. All agents are considered independent contractors of CITYUPTAKE for the purpose of building awareness and contributing to building value and trust within the Tron Community.
  5. CITYUPTAKE management reserves the right to change the agent designation or add agents at will.  Any changes made to agent designation will be applied in the subsequent cycle.

The Addition of more agents in 2019 is to be determined. You can contact jasonlavender@cityuptake.com to express interest in becoming an Agent of CITYUPTAKE.

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2018 rewards and history records beginning July 2018 – End of year. Click to see google docs!