STEP 1: Do your research and complete the Acceptance Declaration

Please be sure to look over the website to be sure that you understand what our service offers.  If you have questions, please join us in Telegram where we can respond in real time.  You can use the link below to complete the form today.  This will verify your wallet and make you eligible for the reward payouts. 

STEP 2: Visit Telegram

Once you have completed the Acceptance Declaration form, you can purchase CITYUPTAKE from one of our verified agents.  We use the Seeditbot developed by members of the Sesameseed team to facilitate the transactions.  This allows us to offer virtually anytime transactions to our members and provides a layer of control over the supply of CITYUPTAKE.

STEP 3: Private Transfer

If you prefer privacy, a private transfer can be arranged with one of our Agents.  All Agents have submitted KYC documentation and have established a sterling reputation.  Connect with an Agent via telegram to arrange your transfer today.   

For convenience you can tip an Agent

Once you have entered our Telegram channel, simply let a verified agent know that you would like to make a purchase.  Let them know how much you would like and then simply tip an agent the TRX by replying to the agent message. The agent will then tip you your CITYUPTAKE.  Please be aware we have a minimum purchase requirement of 25,000 CITYUPTAKE for new members. Verified members may purchase any amount over 1000 CITYUPTAKE thereafter.  The example below illustrates the process. If you have never used GoSeedit before, you can learn more at their site linked here.

Tip Example From Telegram Channel