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Most frequent questions and answers

What is Cityuptake?

CITYUPTAKE is a voting service that includes access to member benefits, content, and rewards from a trade desk operated by a manager with over 12 years of trading experience. The CITYUPTAKE token (ID 1000080) is a utility token that provides access to the goods, services, and content of the Company. There are no guarantees of rewards, but we strive to provide a stable and consistent reward to our holders. 

What is the Trade Desk?

The trade desk is fund established through a fee included in the purchase of CITYUPTAKE. As of this writing, it stands at over 11.6 million TRX and grows with each purchase.  The trade desk manager trades TRX, XRP, BTC, ADA, and other tokens that have the technical attributes and volatility required to earn the goal of 3-5% of the desk total each week.  See trade desk performance charts here.

What about BTT?

Typically all tokens received by the SR Portfolio are converted to TRX and dropped to our members. However, due to popular demand, we airdrop all BTT received to our members.  For BTT drops, CITYUPTAKE is valued at 1 TRX.

How do I receive rewards?

Every verified holder of at least 1000 CITYUPTAKE is eligible to receive the rewards. To be verified, one must create an account in out Member’s Lounge Dashboard and complete the KYC documentation via DocuSign.  Rewards from the SR Portfolio are airdropped each night around 0:00 UTC with the trade desk rewards included on the last airdrop of the cycle.  Each cycle ends Sunday night at 0:00 UTC.No staking is required.  Just hold the CITYUPTAKE in a wallet verified in our Lounge Dashboard.

How can I can withdraw my CITYUPTAKE ?

If you would like to exchange your CITYUPTAKE for TRX, please send your CITYUPTAKE to TH1wA1SBAiBEZsutDEeSbQi8wDMkULWYgj

 It will be exchanged 1:1 and may take up to 3 days depending on the size of the withdraw and the unfreeze time available for the SR Portfolio wallets.


How accurate is the reward estimate?

The calculator uses a multiplier that is derived from past weekly performance of the Trade Desk alone.  SR rewards are distributed daily and are included in the estimate. The estimate is more likely to underestimate your rewards than overestimate them because we use a conservative multiplier. 

Past performance of the Trade Desk is not a guarantee of future performance. 

The Trade Desk has averaged 3-5% growth per week and token holders have been very pleased with their Trade Desk rewards.

For more on the Trade Desk, Click Here

Can I vote for CITYUPTAKE ?

While CITYUPTAKE is not an SR candidate, you can use your liquid TRX to help fund the Trade Desk by voting for “mrlavman”, the SR Candidate created by CITYUPTAKE owner Jason Lavender.  

You will not receive rewards directly from your votes as all rewards are added to the Trade Desk to boost the Trade Desk rewards.  Achieving SR status is a goal that depends on the community purchasing enough CITYUPTAKE to allow the SR portfolio to vote “mrlavman” into SR Status.   The Trade Desk will grow very rapidly when SR Status is achieved; a very lucrative situation for CITYUPTAKE owners. Track the status of mrlavman here. 

We are a project that wants to utilize the blockchain in order to pay CITYUPTAKE holders with SR rewards and gifts from the trading desk.

How do I get rewards ?

Owners of CITYUPTAKE receive rewards from two sources:

  1. Rewards from TRX that is frozen and voted. Currently, 90% is voted for SesameSeed. So you earn most of the SEED you normally would bu just holding TRX and voting.
  2. Growth from trades in the actively traded fund, or Trade Desk, are shared weekly with CITYUPTAKE owners in proportion to CITYUPTAKE ownership percentage.

These rewards are not guaranteed, but have averaged 3.5% growth. That would mean 52,500 TRX is shared on a Trade Desk that has 1.5 million TRX being actively traded on Binance.

How do I see my reward history ?

The member’s lounge dashboard has a complete record of all your rewards. Create an  account to see the rewards for the 100K wallet. 

Where are rewards deposited each week ?

Rewards are deposited in any verified wallet holding CITYUPTAKE.

Will growth dilute my rewards ?

Short answer, No.  Since the Trade Desk grows by 25,000 TRX for every 100,000 CITYUPTAKE sold, as new buyers purchase CITYUPTAKE, your percentage of CITYUPTAKE falls, but the increased Trade Desk fund should provide additional rewards that offset the decline in stake.  

What about security

We employ the suggested security of a Tron Network Node. Wallet login credentials are stored offline and when accessed traffic, it is sent via a local firewall VPN tunnel.

More details will not be provided, so we can maintain secure wallets for our stake holders. 

Some have asked what would happen if I died tomorrow. Good question; especially when things can happen.

All Founders are beneficiaries of a safety deposit box that holds login credentials on an encrypted drive. Remaining founders would hold a meeting with the CITYUPTAKE Agents as to how to proceed. Once we have completed our business name filing additional layers of security will be added via local and state processes.


David Hohnholt

My family is paramount to me. Both my wife and I teach for the local school district and enjoy the time it affords for trips with our girls. 

Crypto is a hobby that became a passion once I joined the CityUptake team.  It has been a real pleasure working to establish a company that offers the potential to positively impact any family that holds CITYUPTAKE. The weekly residual from my CityUptake holdings has already begun making a difference for my family.

 In my spare time, I like to explore the Franklin Mountains on the numerous bike trails that are available.  I also serve as Treasurer of two local non-profit organizations

Why the 1:1 and right-to-access business model

The reason for a guaranteed 1:1 exchange and upfront cost is it protects holder TRX from risk of loss. Since the trade desk is owned and operated by CITYUPTAKE, it is not considered holder funds so no holder TRX is at risk. This allows us to not be regulated as an investment company or be considered a security as no holder funds are at risk. The key to the utility token designation is the 1:1 peg and right-to-access model. 

This means CITYUPTAKE can function within the difficult and unclear crypto space.

The moment holder funds are at risk of loss, the entire platform comes under additional regulatory scrutiny. This is also why we have no guarantee of rewards and a pegged price of CITYUPTAKE to TRX where it is not listed on an exchange.

The only significant promise is the exchange of one digital ledger entry for another on a functioning Tron Blockchain. In other words, the 1:1 guaranteed exchange.

Exchange balance



Exchange 1:1

Send your CITYUPTAKE to:


Please allow up to three days depending on freeze times on SR wallets