CITYUPTAKE Weekly Rewards: December 24-30, 2018

CITYUPTAKE rewards  @ 129,902 TRX

Rewards for holding 100K CITYUPTAKE vs 135K Voting

Reward History

CITYUPTAKE rewards  @ 154,875 TRX

CITYUPTAKE rewards  @ 99,685 TRX

CITYUPTAKE rewards  @ 111,859 TRX

reward history

CITYUPTAKE rewards  @ 94,365.97 TRX

reward history

CITYUPTAKE rewards  @ 66,262 TRX

Trade Desk rewards  @ 62,200 TRX

SR vote rewards        @ 3,480 SEED

Trade Desk rewards  @ 51,500 TRX

SR vote rewards        @ 3,800 SEED 



  • Min. purchase is 25000 CITYUPTAKE for new customers
  • Wallet verification required to receive rewards
  • Verify your wallet here


  • The rewards are distributed to all CITYUPTAKE holders proportionate to their stake
  • The rewards from the SR votes are sold at market rate for token
  • Each CITYUPTAKE is backed by 1 TRX and voted for the best rewarding SR
  • Current Cost of 1 CITYUPTAKE is 1.35 TRX

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