CITYUPTAKE Merchandise Feeds Trade Desk!

CITYUPTAKE proudly announces the addition of our merchandise site. Ever committed to building value for our token holders, half of the after-tax profit from sales will be contributed to the Trade Desk.  Every CITYUPTAKE holder benefits when one of these stylish products are purchased as a growing trade desk can potentially mean larger weekly rewards for all holders of CITYUPTAKE.

You can customize your gear with various logos and design the product that fits your styles. Don’t like the logo across your chest?  Simply adjust the size and center the logo as you wish.  You can show your support for the CITYUPTAKE community and look good doing it.  

Currently based in Europe, anyone can purchase through PayPal or major credit card, and a site based in the  United States is coming soon.  

If you have any questions or would like to see a different product listed in the store, please contact Alex (@Alxz83 ) in our Telegram channel.

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David Hohnholt

My family is paramount to me. Both my wife and I teach for the local school district and enjoy the time it affords for trips with our girls. 

Crypto is a hobby that became a passion once I joined the CityUptake team.  It has been a real pleasure working to establish a company that offers the potential to positively impact any family that holds CITYUPTAKE. The weekly residual from my CityUptake holdings has already begun making a difference for my family.

 In my spare time, I like to explore the Franklin Mountains on the numerous bike trails that are available.  I also serve as Treasurer of two local non-profit organizations

Why the 1:1 and right-to-access business model

The reason for a guaranteed 1:1 exchange and upfront cost is it protects holder TRX from risk of loss. Since the trade desk is owned and operated by CITYUPTAKE, it is not considered holder funds so no holder TRX is at risk. This allows us to not be regulated as an investment company or be considered a security as no holder funds are at risk. The key to the utility token designation is the 1:1 peg and right-to-access model. 

This means CITYUPTAKE can function within the difficult and unclear crypto space.

The moment holder funds are at risk of loss, the entire platform comes under additional regulatory scrutiny. This is also why we have no guarantee of rewards and a pegged price of CITYUPTAKE to TRX where it is not listed on an exchange.

The only significant promise is the exchange of one digital ledger entry for another on a functioning Tron Blockchain. In other words, the 1:1 guaranteed exchange.

Exchange balance



Exchange 1:1

Send your CITYUPTAKE to:


Please allow up to three days depending on freeze times on SR wallets