CITYUPTAKE Merchandise Feeds Trade Desk!

CITYUPTAKE proudly announces the addition of our merchandise site. Ever committed to building value for our token holders, half of the after-tax profit from sales will be contributed to the Trade Desk.  Every CITYUPTAKE holder benefits when one of these stylish products are purchased as a growing trade desk can potentially mean larger weekly rewards for all holders of CITYUPTAKE.

You can customize your gear with various logos and design the product that fits your styles. Don’t like the logo across your chest?  Simply adjust the size and center the logo as you wish.  You can show your support for the CITYUPTAKE community and look good doing it.  

Currently based in Europe, anyone can purchase through PayPal or major credit card, and a site based in the  United States is coming soon.  

If you have any questions or would like to see a different product listed in the store, please contact Alex (@Alxz83 ) in our Telegram channel.

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